Cardio Center Luzern


There was a well trained doctor who had the plan to open up a new centre for cardiology in the middle of Lucerne. Among many other things, to make this dream come true, he needed an image for the whole idea.

From logo to envelopes, Post-Its, pens and mouse mats to portrait and mood photography, website and Google entry … we developed colours and fonts, language and call-to-action for this likeable, modern and familiar medical practice.

The first letters of the three words Cardio Center Luzern form, appropriately arranged, a heart. We took advantage of this beautiful coincidence and designed the icon for the practice accordingly.

The aim was to underline the fresh and modern, accessible and trustworthy nature of the practice.

The red represents the warmth and blood that flows through the heart and keeps us alive, but is chosen to be light, not dark, to emphasise the fresh vitality. The place itself, the L, is in blue. This stands for the city with lake and sky that you can almost touch through the nearby mountains … and it also stands for the cleanliness and care of the practice.

Since we went on site and captured the look and feel of the practice and its care personnel, potential patients see „their“ doctors in action, see the scene of the action, can thus build up a trust, a knowledge of what they will be getting into.

The typeface, on the other hand, is not conservative, but modern and uncomplicated. So it stands there for the friendliness and cordiality of the practice, as well as for its open-mindedness towards current research and therapy results.

Despite the virtuality of a website, such a personal presence inspires confidence in the abilities of the company, the practice and the people behind it. That’s what we always set out to do and that’s what we’ll gonna do for you if you let us.