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To see a sea where others only see debris

Emmen Am See is a loose association of people with a common goal: the military airport could be replaced quite graciously with a lake. The area around the airfield would be upgraded, the noise would disappear, the pollution would stop and Emmen would be enriched by a local recreation area.

What exactly will be realised remains to be seen, but the movement is fundamentally concerned with big questions such as how we want to live together, and is thus timeless. Since it is oriented towards water, it will always find a way and patiently pave its way – a local council candidature has already been there.

Still waters run deep, they say, and so it doesn’t take much to give the surface a face – and here we come into play. As usual with such engagements, the financial means are rather used for directly noticeable activities and so we easily scored with our low-cost website design.

The website consists of a landing page, shop, blog and newsletter and is maintained independently. We only come into play for more complex innovations. So let’s dive into the ideas of a more joyful cohabitation:

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Normal ist es, anders zu sein
A Project that never seizes to be seized