Flight in the Chariot of Fire

Flight in the Chariot of Fire

A very special picture-sound book.

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Sound, ears.
Image, eyes.
Text, head.

What do we get when we perceive with only one sense? What is the result when we process a sensory impression with another sense? Probably a kind of recollection.

In this case, the text came first. It is based on experiences of all senses; on the processing of the sensory experiences in the head and their appearance on paper through the head, hands and other instruments.

These written words in turn trigger experiences.

What happens when we process these experiences with our head and our hands for the eyes? In other words, draw them and make the text meaningful for the eyes?

Every perception through one sense automatically triggers perceptions in other senses. Only these are probably not new perceptions, but memories of ours.

This work experiments with such sensual interactions. In your hands is something perceived with all senses, reproduced by one sense, made perceptible again through eyes and ears. A tripel- or even quadrupel-sensuality, which afterwards again wandered through people and their senses and sensuality, comprehensible for you in their personal reflections. They follow after the first basis, the text, which is accompanied here by his second interpretation, the images.

His first interpretation, which is part of this project, is the music. It was improvised following the reading of the basic text by all the musicians.

We have combined this music again with the text, the author’s voice, more directly in the sound file for this print.

So now we have various interpretations of the same basis by different people and their instruments. This creates new, unprecedented worlds that no one has ever sensually experienced before.

How much do these expressions resemble the impressions of Prend, the author of the basis?

If you read the text, listen to the sound recording and look at the pictures, you get various impressions. If you look at the pictures, then listen to the sound recording and read the text … does the same thing always happen?

Does time and therefore the sequence play a role? The text comes to us word by word. Little by little, a whole is formed until finally spaces and worlds emerge.

An image is captured and joined together by dots and quickly forms an idea in the mind. Sound changes the space. Without changing our position and with our eyes closed, we are immediately in the same space where the improvisation took place. The duration of the improvisation can intensify these impressions like a suction.

It is therefore advisable to eat enough beforehand, to have water with you and to lie comfortably. Soon the body is no longer perceived and we are dissolved in everything. And suddenly the skin reacts! The heart! The stomach! The legs! A pleasant, meaningful being arises.

Where to go? To do what? Why? When? Now!

What is being perceived?

The musicians in this studio, because of the text they have read and because of what they have become, the dark depths of the drawings, the many hints in the text now trigger these emotions. But that’s all over now. No. It’s still there.

Everything is there.

Reading and seeing is made possible by this print in your hands (if you order it here). Listening by this player:

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