2nd EP by DIE DIE BE with 3 songs digitally or as a triptych.

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Conformity Cutter




The Time Flies


DIE DIE BE – STOP THE STORY _description

Experimental, simple and yet very catchy was the review of the debut album „SECRECY THROUGH PUBLIC DISBELIEF“, released in October 2019. With the EP „STOP THE STORY“, released on 22.11.2022, still under the label „Die Diebe“, it seems as if DIE DIE BE found themselves, evolved or simply kept searching, as far as the sound is concerned. We now hear clearer structures, more complex lines, more familiar tunes. The purpose with this release is simple; set the base to construct a future. With all that in mind we can asure that DIE DIE BE has come stronger than ever. Stay tuned for future projects and feel free to follow on all our social medias to don’t miss anything.

Three songs are heard, Mater sings twice and Spirit once. Accordingly, the other plays drums and again the other synthesiser.

For those who sleep, dreams only come true at night, is the quintessence of the song „Night“. Spirit observes that most people are in a waking state of sleep. Constantly kept asleep by advertising, films and music. And, of course, by the internet. This – like everything else – was first sold to us as freedom and can eventually lead to total paralysis or surveillance. Spirit believes that by withdrawing from our modern world and through constant introspection, we can reach a state where we can see the world as if through the glasses of John Carpenter’s film They Live. And Mater thinks she sees the truth shining through in everyone one way or another.

Does time fly? And what is that anyway? This time? That’s what „The Time Flies“ is all about. Spirit sees the idea of time quite soberly, as a unit of measurement of events. And Mater says quite coldly about it: „The clock is an old internet that no one questions any more. In the past, every kingdom had its own clocks and units of time. Today, everyone works according to the same time. If you don’t have a clock and don’t know anything about it, then it’s impossible for you to trade with us. If you want to trade with us, then only according to our rules.“

If it fits for the others why shouldn’t I fit in, too. Thats the idea behind “Conformity Cutter“. For Spirit the indomitable mind is pressed hard due to the force of the media. It is everywhere; on your phone, on your computer, in your newspaper and now in your head. What to see, what to read and what to believe are some of the ideas implanted through the conformity of the internet. While Mater thinks that it is presented to us in a subliminal way to introduce us to an obedient and obese behavior.

On your mark, get set, go! Beat them to death! Or let them pass … crawl over you … into you … STOP THE STORY is the beginning of the upcoming album called FOR THOSE WHO SLEEP DREAMS ONLY COME TRUE AT NIGHT. Preorder here:


Mater arose from the seed of a metal and the womb of a thought. Spirit crystallised from needs and hardenings. Both made music and wrote before their first breaths, perceived as true and false, often lost and corrupted to the core. In this a clear, fine idea, a constant, split and they drew another trajectory on their spirals, now a little closer together. So new life emerged in the form of sounds and concepts, on paper and vinyl, so hard, so virtual, so live in your environment. Mater sometimes appears in the form of Petra Galli and Lili Vanilly, Spirit can transform into Geri Weber and Bujar Berisha. The exercise of changing the state of aggregation, just as death is only one. Make that change then twice to be. DIE, Mater of materiality. DIE, Spirit of spirituality. BE.

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