How can we help you?

How can we help you?

Like the Icosahedron, 20 Sides form our Body, 20 Services our Offer

Web & mobile

The design of our web pages is mobile-friendly and clear. After publication, you are welcome to keep them up to date on your own.


Colours and shapes, interactions and ideas still have the most direct effect professionally captured – after the live experience. We are happy to do this for you, with our experience and our equipment.


As a band or solo, adequate recordings of the songs and ideas that often just bubble up are an important milestone. We are happy to make this possible for you with our recording studio and our technicians. Mixing and mastering are also among our specialities.


Books, flyers, brochures – whatever you have to say, we’ll get it into shape.


When people wear your brand, it’s probably the best testimony to the quality of your offer. We place your logo on caps, jumpers, pens, stickers, parasols, sleds…


Your idea is something you have spent a lot of time on and thus created a clear picture of it. Together we discover this inner image and bring it into its outer appearance.

Mixing and Mastering

Your song can sound differently, depending on microphones, effects, filters … We see it as our task to make it sound the way you want it to.


To make your products available in the evergrowing virtual world is very easy. We’ll gladly show you how.


You like the sound of these sentences? You can let us bring your ideas and wisdoms onto paper – may it be virtual or analog – anytime.


Everyone is a creator and composition comes naturally. To see that behind what is learned and told is a key service we apply in any doing.


Some second advertisements or long lasting moving picture stories we develop with and for you, the right light and mood and sound always in mind.


We offer a space to present or absorb the rehearsed here in the mountains, in the middle of Switzerland.


We create logos and icons on an inexpensive level.


Your ideas and products might look fabulous with our help, but you wont see any success without some marketing strategies at hand. If you need support with that, we’ve got plenty of ideas.


This might be another key feature, alongside composition: the exchange of goods and knowledge. Close to the mountain pass road we stand in a long tradition of exchanging anything with or without legs, folding or jingling in the wallet, writen or told from one to the other.

What else can we offer? We can teach, exchange, you can make an internship with us. We design furniture, tiles and bedrooms, we illustrate and sing and play any instrument. We have a hostel as well where you can sleep and eat and we have rooms for rehearsals. This Icosahedron might be turning and turning and new triangels appear as we go. Just give us a hi and we will see what we can achieve together.

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