Art Project Staffelbach

A project that never seizes to be seized

This is a virtual gallery, striving to promote several Swiss artists. Elisabeth Staffelbach is a well known curator and galerist, active and successful since many years. We work together since 2011, we design the virtual and most of the printed appearance of her gallery as well as the Art-Letter. Her gallery exists already since more than 40 years, not many galleries can claim that jubilee. Her gallery survives thanks to its so well engaged and creative owner, Elisabeth Staffelbach. She knows how to connect art with its market without selling it out. Next in line are Dinners, which artists and collectors share, to get another approach to each other. «Everything is developing! To stand in the way of that would take much more effort», she uses to say. We’re gladly part of this artistic and economical development and are curious to what comes next.

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Einen See zu sehen, wo andere nur ein Meer aus Beton finden
To let Surfaces shine on Will